See how you stack up against the competition

Benchmark your financial performance against companies of similar size across a full suite of accounting ratios.

Make data driven decisions


    At Runratio, our goal is to take on the burden of tracking your financial analytics so that you can focus on driving growth.

    Knowing how you stack up against the competition is a question that crosses every founder's mind. Get answers with Runratio.

    Make well-informed business decision and projections by tracking your performance over time.

Connect your accounting software

Runratio seamlessly integrates with your cloud accounting system and conducts comparative analysis between businesses using different systems.

Categorise your chart of accounts

We categorise your income statement into Revenue, Cost of Sales and Operating Expenses to enable a like for like comparison between companies in your cohort.

See how you rank against the competition

Know when you are outpacing the competition and when there's room for improvement by seeing your metrics stacked up companies of a similar size.

Stop guessing & start growing

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