Financial Models That Get You Funded

Prepare detailed financial projections using Runratio finance model templates.

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How Runratio Works

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    Get started by providing basic company data in Control Panel

    The first step to building a financial model tailored specially to your startup is that we ask you to provide some primary data such as currency and your corporation tax rate. 

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    Define what success looks like by setting your revenue targets

    The next step allows you to dream big by setting your revenue targets based on average growth rates per month over the next three years.

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    Strategy, strategy, strategy

    If the last step was all about setting big goals, this step is all about how you get there. Define your customer acquisition strategy and provide a detailed outline of what it takes to grow your revenue.

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    It's all about the people

    For most startups, the early employees are the company's most valuable assets and likely the most expensive part of the business. Runratio gives you the ability to detail how you intend to grow the team in the coming years.

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    Cash is king.

    We've all heard some variation of the saying "cash is king" hence the final section of the model allows you to anticipate the amount of funding you'll need to get your startup off the ground.

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